Millis Community Media is a non-profit corporation which provides training and resources for the development and production of non-commercial community programming by residents and coverage of local events with the help of residents and interns. The office and studio are located in the Veterans’ Memorial Building at 900 Main St. and can be reached at 508-376-7057 or

MCM is funded by the town’s two cable providers, Comcast and Verizon. For more information about MCM select a topic in the above menu, or go to the Video menu to view our programs. All programs are copyrighted.


Millis Community Media offers internships and also has some paid crew positions for municipal meetings and sports coverage. Training is provided. If interested call 508-376-7057. You must be sixteen years of age or older. We have openings right now for paid crew members. 

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Here's what's happening in November Town meeting takes place on Monday, Nov. 6th at 7:30 p.m. in the High School Auditorium. MCM will cover it live. Brooks Corl will be covering Mohawk Football playoffs and the Thanksgiving Day classic at home this year. Millis After Dark with producer/host Joyce Boiardi will present an episode focusing on the local impacts of the opioid crisis. Check out our news brief clips exclusively on our Facebook page each week. Thanks, as always, to the members of the community who produce local programming for MCM.  MCM provides training and equipment for Millis residents or organizations who wish to produce non-profit programming for the community. Contact the studio for more info at 508-376-7057 or at   

Stay informed... new programs to watch: Town Meeting will air in early November after the live coverage of the meeting on Nov. 6th. Mohawk varsity basketball returns with announcer/producer Doug Coutts.   Check program listings for additional air times on our channel or view it on demand.